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Food, Health and Performance Coach and Educator

From a foundation of health

comes optimal performance

About me

I am passionate about my health, mind and body because I seek to perform at my best in all areas of my life. My body is the only one I'll ever have, and my number one priority is to nourish and challenge it so that I can live my life to the full.


As a Food, Health and Performance Coach and Educator, I educate and equip clients to build and maintain the foundations of health to promote optimal performance. My coaching philosophy is centred around education and individualisation. I guide each person to navigate conflicting information, ask questions, listen to their bodies and become active leaders of their health and performance.


My personal journey to transform my body composition and rebuild my foundations ignited a passion to help others become informed and confident leaders of their health and performance. I use my blog as a medium for sharing my experiences and translating complicated concepts into simple, practical messages. It's funny. If my story hadn't been so full of complexities and challenges, I'd have missed out on the invaluable lessons and experiences that make me a better coach, athlete and human today.

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