About me

I first set foot in a gym at 19 years old. I'd never been a 'sporty' kid - far from it. I'd taken dance classes since fairy ballet, and I felt far more at ease delving into the pages of a book or sitting a test at school than I did on an athletics track or putting on my running shoes.


I remember reluctantly tagging along to a Saturday morning Strongman modified conditioning class about 10 years ago. At the time, I was thoroughly uncoordinated, a complete nerd, incredibly shy, and I had zero idea about food or fitness. But I was hooked.

So, did that unravel into my '6 week transformation' story? Not even close. I had my head in the game, I trained consistently and I dialled in my nutrition (at the time, I had to make some big changes because I ate a lot more processed foods.) I scrutinised my daily habits and patterns to identify opportunities to do things better. I did all the right things. But the days passed, and I didn't see any signs that my body fat had dropped. I could feel my initial enthusiasm crumbling. Maybe I just didn't have the potential? But after the initial frustration of zero change to my shape despite many months of discipline, my body composition metrics finally started to budge.

Since then, I’ve probably spent every spare moment delving into the details of body composition, nutrition and performance, absorbing all that I could from leading coaches, doctors, athletes and researchers, and putting it all into practice. I’ve tracked and adjusted pretty much every variable that you could track and adjust.

Today, I’m still pretty uncoordinated, I’m still a complete nerd, but I’m not quite as shy (getting up on stage in a bikini does that) and I could ramble for hours about this stuff. But I keep it simple. Because I've learned that the most mentally and physically sustainable path to health and performance goals is to focus on your foundations, look at the bigger picture, implement intelligent changes and - most vitally - listen to your body. I became fascinated by the element of problem solving the person. You could put all the pieces together but it still doesn't feel quite right, so you reassess and adjust to find a better fit. Then all of a sudden, you see the results unfold. And so the cycle of progress continues.

Nobody's story is simple and easy. We all have sticking points, plateaus, anxieties and moments of defeat. I can't sell the quick fix or rapid fat loss because I don't believe in the message. It just didn't happen for me. And I'm so grateful for that. Because I can share the joy of the process. And that's the real transformation, not the before and after photos.

My philosophy

I educate and equip clients to build and maintain the foundations of health to promote optimal performance. My coaching philosophy is centred around education and individualisation. I don't just demand that clients obey a program so that they can move from A to B. I guide each person to navigate conflicting information, ask questions, listen to their bodies and become informed and active leaders of their health and performance.


I am passionate about my health, mind and body because I seek to perform at my best in all areas of my life. My body is the only one I'll ever have, and my number one priority is to nourish and challenge it so that I can live my life to the full.

My personal journey to transform my body composition and rebuild my foundations ignited a passion to help others become informed and confident leaders of their health and performance. I use my blog as a medium for sharing my experiences and translating complicated concepts into simple, practical messages. It's funny. If my story hadn't been so full of complexities and challenges, I'd have missed out on the invaluable lessons and experiences that make me a better coach, athlete and human today.

I'm not a scientist. I tend to have far more questions that I do 'answers'. The more I learn, the more I realise that there's so much more to learn. I'm not here to churn out cookie cutter information or regurgitate the latest fad diet. 


The truth is there are no absolute rules when it comes to health and fitness. Each of us is a little different. We all have our unique needs, preferences and quirks. This is what excites me about coaching - the ability to help people find an intelligent and integrated approach that suits your body and goals.

Competition highlights

I love to train. Not just lifting to feel fantastic. I'm consistently excited about increasing my lifts and building a stronger body, not just a leaner one.


I am entranced by the intricate complexity of body recomposition. It's an incredible combination of aesthetics, problem solving and creativity. I also thrive on the process of building a stronger body. For me, lifting is a labour of love and continues to challenge and develop both my mind and body.

  • INBA Australian National Champion Fitness Model

  • Represented Australia at the INBA Global Natural Olympia in Las Vegas

  • WBFF Top Ten Fitness Competitor

  • ANB Top Ten Fitness Competitor

  • Strong Woman competitor

My learning

I am avidly curious and endlessly passionate about integrating health, nutrition and performance. I am constantly learning, and seek out local and international courses and conferences to continue to enhance my education.


Aside from the countless hours that I spend reading, deciphering research studies and analysing data gathered from my experiences, here is a summary of some of my qualifications.

  • Personal Trainer - Certificates III and IV in Fitness (Personal Training Academy)

  • Nutritional Biochemistry - Levels 1, 2 and 3, All about Glucose, All about Detox, All about Mitochondria (Metabolic Fitness - Scholarship program)

  • Integrated Health Profile certification (International College of Applied Nutrition & Strength)

  • Nutrition Foundations Seminar (Muscle Nerds)

  • Society of Weight Training Injury Specialists (SWIS) Symposium 2018 attendee (Toronto, Canada)

  • John Meadows' Mountain Dog Hypertrophy, Nutrition Competition Prep Camps


My story