Building your Foundations

Each seminar in this 6 seminar introductory series focuses on a different topic that represents an essential pillar of health. Whether you're at the beginning of your learning or looking for a subtle edge to up your game, the series is designed to provide user-friendly information and practical tips that you can select and apply to support your health and boost performance.


For each seminar, I outline some basic scientific principles and then focus on a collection of practical tools that you can use to apply it. All of the topics include concepts that are already talked about in the mainstream (like circadian rhythms, deep sleep, sympathetic drive, GI health, macronutrients, etc.). My aim is to educate people to grasp the fundamentals of the concepts under discussion, rather than simply reciting the terms but not properly understanding what's really happening here.


Our bodies are integrated systems. Nothing happens in isolation. There’s no one perfect diet for fat loss, there’s no one bio hack for incredible sleep, there’s no magic supplement for gut troubles. To really perform at your best – whether it is in your training, in sport, in your career, or in life – you can’t skip the basics. It's all too tempting to complicate things and miss the fundamentals. Just like if you’re building a skyscraper, that foundation has to be set in place and adapted to suit the conditions – your body, your history, your goals and your environment. If you build on shaky foundations, it’s more likely that sooner or later things are going to start to crumble and even crash. But if you patiently build and diligently maintain a strong, stable foundation, you don’t have to settle for that.

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I’m passionate about this because I’ve been on both sides – I’ve seen the rise, the fall and the rebuild. I share my stories to add some life an a dose of reality to the topics. I'm open and honest in talking about the shifting currents of health and performance. The main thing isn’t to focus on one or the other, but to recognise that you're constantly managing your foundations in your quest to attain elite performance. It's like an impossible stair case that you continue to climb to move closer to your potential. It is a process that remains in motion, and you will take many steps and turns as you continue to ascend.

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