Do you rationalise your way out of chasing your dreams?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Have you justified why you can't, won't and shouldn't chase a crazy ambition?

If you're a logical person who tends to carefully plan and predict things, chances are you have meticulously formulated all the reasons why you can't do it, won't be able to do it, or just shouldn't do it. You analyse the idea, assess your options and reasonably conclude that -

A. It's unrealistic.

B. It's not impossible, but it requires luck or stellar genes (if it's related to body composition or performance).

C. It's not impossible, but it will demand a decent chunk of your time to do it and you're hesitant to dedicate all this time because you're not sure that you will or can succeed.

D. It's not impossible, but it will require a small fortune to afford it and you could spend that money on [insert list of all other possibilities here].

So you dismiss it. You decide that in the end, it's not really possible.

That's just wrong. It's a false conclusion based on hidden assumptions or deep-seated insecurities.

'The body achieves what the mind believes'.

Humans aren't purely rational. Our rational mind must compete with our emotions and our tendency to prefer the status quo. Often, the real 'reason' we can't do it is because we are afraid.

Here's the only rational proposition that you need to accept. If it's not impossible, it's possible.

Let that sink in. That 'crazy dream' that you've pondered for years? That image in your head of a revitalised and radiant you? Is it impossible? Think about it for a second. Is it really impossible? If it's not, then it has to be possible.

This isn't meant to be a lame 'You can do it!' sort of moment. It's an invitation to challenge your flawed assumptions.

To make your crazy dream happen, you need to:

  • First, believe that it's possible, and then

  • Act like it's possible.

It all starts in you head. There's a famous quote that sums this up - 'The body achieves what the mind believes'. If you mind doesn't buy it, your decisions will reflect this and your body will accept defeat before you've even tried.

Is it really impossible? If it's not, then it has to be possible.

Take home message

Here's how I see it. To do incredible things, you need to free your mind to permit you to do incredible things. Don't let your head rig the game before you even enter the ring.

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