Five fast reasons why food is your friend and not just fuel

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

For people who want to transform how they look, it's easy to see food in a very simplistic way - eat less to lose fat, and eat more to build lean muscle.

But that's only the very tip of the body composition iceberg.

Some people say that 'food is just fuel'. But this is an inaccurate and unfair description. Food is fuel, but it is also our friend for many other reasons that you may not have considered.

What you eat matters because:

  1. It heavily shapes the health and diversity of your microbiome (the hidden master of your health).

  2. It provides essential nutrients that our bodies depend on to function, but cannot make: such as essential fatty acids and amino acids in proteins.

  3. It helps us to maintain strong bones.

  4. It is intricately related to healthy brain function.

  5. It heals inflammation and prevents disease. Many diseases and disorders can be traced back to inflammation, and nutrition is a powerful means to address inflammation.

So, before you decide to ruthlessly cull foods from your diet in an attempt to shed the kilos, remember that that food is more than simply fuel that you can turn off and on. What you eat matters to your health, and your health should be your number one priority whether your want to lose fat or build muscle. You will see better, lasting results if you eat to make your body happy, rather than opt for the quick fix that can't last because your body is too smart to allow it.