Roast pork shoulder and crackling

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

There's something incredible about all roast meats. The soft, fall apart texture, the rich flavour, the aroma as it cooks. For me, it's one of the many simple joys of food.

And this 6 hour slow roasted pork shoulder and crackling did not fail to impress.

I tend to cook in bulk and then store most of the meal for the week ahead. I'll eat some hot out of the oven, and then keep the rest for later.

But pork crackling is an exception to the general rule.

I picked at this to my heart's content. Some things are too good to refrigerate.

Here are literally all the steps.

  1. I picked up a rolled pork shoulder at my local quality butcher.

  2. I unwrapped it, cut off the twine and put it in a crock pot.

  3. To season, I kept it simple and went for cumin, salt and pepper, but you could substitute any flavours that you like. I used a decent pinch of spices all over, and about a tbsp of melted butter.

  4. I pre-heated the oven to 250 degrees Celsius, on a dry heat with no fan.

  5. I put the pork in the oven with the lid on. Immediately, I reduced the temperature to 160 degrees Celsius.

  6. I let it cook for 6 hours. Meanwhile, I did things around the house all afternoon and enjoyed the incredible aroma.

  7. I checked it a couple of times to make sure the meat didn't dry out. The second time it looked a little dry so I added about half a cup of boiled water to the pot.

  8. 6 hours later, out comes the most delicious stunner of a pork shoulder, ready for it's photo shoot.

  9. I used 2 forks to pull apart the meat into strips. This is the infamous 'pulled pork' that's so trendy at the moment. I choose not to coat it in sauces, because it tastes fantastic all on its own.

  10. I pulled the skin away from the meat, and put it on the table for my family to enjoy. No explanation required.

It's perfect for winter, and an excellent way to vary your protein sources if you tend to eat a lot of beef and chicken like I do.