Six elements of optimal health to be your best

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

It's funny how people tend to assess their health. Usually, they do it in the negative.

For example:

  • My blood test results are fine because they aren't outside of the range.

  • My diet is ok because I'm not too overweight.

  • My back hurts a bit but I'll push on because it's not an injury.

  • I don't need a day off because I'm not actually sick.

  • I don't need a rest day because I'm not that tired.

Did you spot a theme? All of the above examples share the same attitude - 'My current health is acceptable because I'm not sick or injured. I am normal. Many people are in the same boat. Therefore, I don't need to make any changes and I can continue as usual, unless I do become sick or injured.'

It is all too common for people to assess their current health status based on a possible decline in their health. As a result, many people will ignore the warning signs and sit on their hands until the alarm bells start to ring (ie, the doctor orders it, or after a health scare). Only then do we react and make choices after the fact, when it's a lot harder to make the necessary changes.

This is a lazy mentality. An absence of poor health is not the same as optimal health.

Why settle for average, when you can take steps to function at your best?

Think of all of the things you love to do, or hope to do in the future. Your day to day hobbies, your long-term aspirations. If you prioritise your health, this will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

When it comes to your health, you can't afford to wait for things to go wrong.

An absence of poor health is not the same as optimal health.

No matter who you are, the quality of your health really comes down to six elements. Each element relates to one another. But to start out, it's useful to focus on just one thing and build better habits one at a time.

Here are my six elements of optimal health.

Take home message

Don't just act to avoid poor health. Act to promote good health and be the best version of you.