The many, changing facets of you

People are attracted to join certain camps. That diet. This training modality. That stance on calories. This federation. Our identities become closely interconnected to our diets, our sport, our protocols. Or the ones entrusted to us by our coaches or idols.

It just doesn't add up. There's many different strategies that can be used as valuable tools. Just like there's many facets to the person that you are. Not just one diet, one number on the scales, one lift, one jeans size or one trophy.

I've struggled to accommodate all of the different things that I feel are integral to my identity. But the more I've looked for that thing that defines me, the more I realise that it's constantly in flux because I'm an ambitious, open minded human being.

I love the beautiful and intricate process of building a strong and defined physique. It's an incredible combination of aesthetics, problem solving and creativity. It challenges and develops my mind and body.

I also love to train. At the moment I'm mainly just obsessed about becoming strong AF. More and more, I'm motivated to continue to increase my lifts and build a stronger body, not just a leaner one.

Our minds and bodies change. Some people find that a certain sport isn't right for the mind and body they have today, even if they used to compete almost religiously. Some realise that training is a potent outlet and mood booster, but that they aren't so tied to their numbers like they used to be. There's no one road. Yet it can feel like we're meant to cling to our chosen 'path' or feel confident about the road we're travelling along. You don't. Things might change. And that's ok. You're still you. And all of the facets that make you, you, are going to unravel into incredible things.