Why I'm grateful that it took me months to lose body fat

I'm not a '6 week transformation' story. Not even close. I trained consistently and dialled in my diet (at the time, I had to make some big changes because I ate a lot more processed foods.) I bumped up my daily activity. I did all the right things. But week after week, I didn't see any signs that my body fat had dropped. It took almost 2 months before things started to move.

Did that dampen my spirit to build my dream body? Of course it did. I remember thinking that 'maybe I just can't shift that stubborn fat', and 'I've never been naturally thin or lean, why did I think that I could change that?' But I decided to ignore the negative vibes that floated in and out of my mind at that sticking point. Thinking that you'll fail is only good for one thing, and that's failing. Instead, I worked with my coach to track, troubleshoot and trial different strategies. I reflected on what I was doing, what I felt had worked and what I could possibly change. I read article after article about food choices, nutrition and common deficiencies. I delved into articles about reducing your toxic load, organic foods and supplements.

I became entranced by the intricate complexity of body recomposition. I loved the element of problem solving the person. You could put all the pieces together but it still doesn't feel quite right, so you reassess and adjust to find a better fit. Then all of a sudden, you see the results unfold. And the cycle continues.

I was hooked.

It's funny. If my story hadn't been (and continues to be) so full of complexities and challenges, I'd have missed out on the lessons and experiences that ignited my passion to help other women on their unique mission to feel, look and perform at their best. And not just to move from A to B, but to navigate conflicting information, ask questions, listen to their bodies and become informed and active leaders of their health, lifestyle and performance.

It's an incredible thing to really understand, heal and push your body to work for you, not against you. It's deeply fulfilling and has so many bonus and transferable effects that I didn't anticipate - a resilient mind, a sharpened mental focus, a boost in self confidence.

The best part is the journey of decoding your body and finding your unique path to reach your goals. It's so cliche, but it's true.

Nobody's story is simple and easy. We all have sticking points, plateaus, anxieties and moments of defeat.

I can't sell the quick fix or rapid fat loss because I don't believe in the message. It just didn't happen for me. And I'm so grateful for that. Because I can share the joy of the process. And that's the real transformation, not the before and after photos.