Basics: A tool kit for healthy eating



pdf format

38 pages


The Basics eBook is a user friendly collection of practical information, tips and suggestions, and easy and nutritious recipes to guide you along the road to healthy eating. No diets. No fads. No calorie counting. Just simple, smart and sustainable information and action items.


eBook features

22 simple, delicious and nutritious recipes. A selection of mains, sides and desserts. Each recipe is designed to be as simple as possible. No obscure ingredients, intricate steps or cooking skills required.


A macro and micro recap for each recipe. A quick look at the recipe's nutrient profile - not just the total protein, carbohydrate and fat per portion, but also a snapshot of the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that feature in it. You’ll also find tips and suggestions for add on ingredients to complement your meal.


Quick, user friendly icons to guide your recipe selection. Use the icons to navigate the recipes at a glance. Icons include GI friendly, 'on the go', nutrient superstar, lean, build, and more.


'Behind the scenes' content on the fundamentals to get you started. Lots of practical tips and bullet point information on the big ticket topics to equip you to build simple and sustainable healthy eating habits. This includes:


  • Mastering your meal prep
  • Meal prep tips for busy people 
  • Create your plate - a four step guide
  • A quick lesson on protein
  • Building a protein base for your meals
  • The breakfast of champions - upgrading from 'breakfast foods' to reset your circadian rhythms, boost energy and banish cravings


If you need a nudge to get started or get back on track, this is your tool kit. It contains 22 fail proof and delicious recipes, but it's not just a recipe book. Because a recipe only leads to results if you master the basics first. Like organising and preparing your meals. Setting up your kitchen essentials. Cooking from fresh, real foods. Choosing foods that you like, and that like you. Eating enough nutrient dense food, and eating less nutrient poor, processed food. Thinking about more than just calories. And finding habits and routines to make things stick for you and your schedule.

Basics: A tool kit for healthy eating