Fast flavour: A smart shopper's guide to condiments



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38 pages


Even if you stick to the same foods, the same cooking methods and never attempt an unfamiliar recipe in your life, you can still dramatically change the taste of your meals in seconds.


How? The easiest and most effective thing you can do to transform the flavour of your food is add condiments. All you need is a basic collection of supplies in your pantry, and you're ready to go!


Just because you’re focusing on eating fresh, nutritious foods, you don’t have to fear the middle aisles. It’s all about checking the ingredients. This guide will equip you to instantly upgrade the quality of the condiments that you eat regularly, and give your cooking and meal prep a little love!


eBook features


Top 55 condiments list. A selection of excellent condiments that you can easily find in stores to add instant, delicious and calorie neutral (if that's a factor for you) flavour to your pot, pan or plate. Have a favourite flavour or cuisine? Just do a quick Ctrl + F search for your go to item or cultural cuisine and in minutes you’ll be expertly navigating the middle aisles.


15 categories of condiment options, including:


  • Citrus juices
  • Vinegars
  • Sauces
  • Relishes and chutnies
  • Pastes
  • Salsa and chillies
  • Mayo and aioli
  • Fermented veggies
  • Pickled veggies
  • Liquids
  • Something different
  • Root veggies
  • Herbs and spices (both fresh and dried)
  • Nut seed herb and spice blends
  • Salt and pepper


Intro to processed foods in today's food landscape. Our modern food environment isn’t split neatly into ‘unprocessed’ and ‘processed’ foods. Here's your intro to minimally, less and ultra processed foods, a one page cheat sheet on the tell tale ingredients of an ultra processed product and an 'average, better, best' shopping guide.


Brand suggestions for 'better and best' choices that are easy to find in major retailers stores.


13 simple recipes for basic condiments and dishes, like apple cider vinaigrette, salt 'n' vinegar roasted potatoes, home made sugar free BBQ sauce, nature's sweet and sour sauce, DIY pickled cucumber and carrots and my go to 5 spice dry rub.


Direct links to 21 different recipes on sorted by featured condiment to help you connect the dots from single condiment to complete meal.


Quick bullet tips, highlighted for ease of reference on topics like mimicking product 'flavours', checking the sugar content on a label, fermenting 101 and creating your favourite spice blend from scratch.


Simple substitutions for condiments that have similar flavours but different nutrient or processing profiles. 


'Five tastes' chart. A quick guide to some common condiments that fall into the five different tastes groups: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami.

Fast flavour: A smart shopper's guide to condiments