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Kingston Active hosted this 40 minute interactive webinar to provide simple and effective strategies to nourish both mind and body. The webinar focused on creating and maintaining healthy food habits, techniques for balancing your stress bucket, and how to move your body and exercise smart.

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'Leap out of lockdown': Tips and tools to nourish your mind and body
40 minute webinar

Kingston Active and Waves Leisure Centre

"Very informative and put together in easy understanding way, enjoyed slides."

"The event was insightful and a great reminder/confirmation about all the things one should be doing for a well functioning mind and body."

"Simple and very easy to follow."

"Movement and diet tips."

"Practical examples."

"Thank you so much for giving your time and producing a super talk."

"Just a well earned thank you for putting everything together."

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Building your Foundations
Seminar series

Povey Performance

Tanita displays and presents a wealth of knowledge along with her own personal experiences.

Her passion to help others is obvious and well represented by her willingness to continue to learn and always provide the best information available.

She is a fantastic resource and a pleasure to listen and learn from.

Chis Povey
Strength Coach
Povey Performance