Seminar topics

Choose from a range of practical and informative seminar topics, designed to relate to all facets of health, fitness and performance. A customised seminar can also be created to suit your organisation and audience. 

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These are mammoth topics, but the seminars aren't. I’ve focused on extracting the main messages and translating the science into something practical that relates to all of us. It can feel a bit chaotic, but it doesn't have to be complicated. The basic, big ticket items are actually pretty simple to grasp and apply. Most people just need a little nudge in that direction and a couple of clear strategies to get started.


If there’s one thing that I’ve realised from my experiences, it’s that you learn the most from listening to and assessing your body. Each person is is different, and your body continues to adapt and change. The common thread is the fundamentals. If you grasp the broader factors at play, this sets the scene for a healthier body and easier, sustainable results.

Interested in hosting a seminar series?


The 'Building your Foundations' package is designed to help you master the basics first.

Building your Foundations

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