Making complicated concepts simple and applicable

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My priority as an educator is to add clarity and critical thinking to health and performance.

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Have you noticed that there's an endless supply of health and fitness information, but a huge chunk of it is confusing, generic, out of date, selling you something, tricky to apply, poorly investigated or just plain biased? The health and fitness industry has reached a state of information saturation. Education and critical thinking are essential elements of health and performance, yet they can be all too difficult to come by.

To add clarity to the confusion, I create and deliver educational seminars for your organisation, at your organisation. My seminars are designed to present foundational concepts in a user friendly format, and link this information to practical tips, tools and techniques. My aim is to guide and equip as many people as possible to navigate the confusing information that inundates the health and fitness industry, so that each person can select, personalise and apply it to complement their body and goals. I explain the ‘why’ that sits behind the strategies, but I don't delve too deep into the mechanisms of action and over complicate things.

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I apply my unique combination of hands on experience as a National Champion physique athlete and Nutrition, Health and Performance Coach in addition to my strong research, communication and public speaking skills from my prior legal career to simplify complex topics into clear and user-friendly concepts and strategies.

I am passionate about educating others because it has many beneficial ripple effects.


Foster a culture of learning and critical thinking among your members, staff and communities.


Share practical strategies to equip goal oriented, health focused people to boost results.


Streamline the delivery of education on fundamental topics to a broad audience in a group setting.


Another voice to confirm your message (eg, sleep habits, stress reduction practices, nutrition, etc.)

Seminar packages are tailored to your request and can include:

  • A tailored seminar or a series of seminars on your topics of choice

  • An engaging visual slide show presentation

  • Allocated time for questions and discussion

  • All equipment supplied and set up (includes high quality 1280 x 800 portable projector, large 100 inch portable projector screen, presenter remote, laptop and cables)

  • Dedicated printed resources for attendees to complement the seminar

  • Post seminar email support phase for attendees. While I invite questions after the seminar, I often find that people might have a quick question that they'd like to ask but they don't feel confident putting their hand up, or they don't formulate a question until later. If desired, I am happy for attendees to send me an email so that I can back track to help things stick, and offer a couple of pointers.

  • An email recap and electronic copies of slides and resources for attendees. After some brain training, it can help to go back and have a quick look at the slides later to process things properly.

  • Links to supplementary blogs and infographics related to the seminar topic. Additional resources are selected to emphasise the main messages and action items.

Interested in collaborating?

For more information and a quote, please complete and return the Educational services form below or send me a message using my 'Contact me' form. I am happy to provide sample slides and seminar outlines on request.

My approach

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Bigger picture

It's easy to get lost in the tiny, excruciating details. I step back and look at the broader circumstances.


Less is more

A clear, simple message is better than information overload. I simplify things, rather than complicate it.

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There's no perfect strategy that applies to all of us. I share a collection of practical tools so that each person can choose an action item that fits.