Client testimonials

I work with a broad range of incredible clients, including recreational lifters, busy professionals, dedicated athletes and physique competitors. Each person has different goals, bodies and lives that call for different approaches.

When I got in contact with Tanita I was stuck with my nutrition. I was eating too little and expected my body to perform at a high level. After working with her for over a year now she has opened my eyes up to how good my body can feel when it’s functioning properly. There are so many different elements to nutrition and Tanita has helped me break them down, learn from them and apply them in the real world. My nutrition, sleep and recovery have all thanked me for it.

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Her attention to detail, understanding and ability to customise my program has left me with valuable knowledge. I have been able to grow and learn from her which is what I look for in a coach in any field. I can’t wait to see what the next year will do for my body, mind, and football career.

Box Hill United Football Club Senior Men's squad

Strength coach: Povey Performance

When I started with Tanita in 2018, I did not know much about nutrition and what it could do to help me perform the best I can for my new journey in Strongwoman. Tanita exposed me to an unknown world I never thought I would ever be able to achieve.


Tanita closely assisted and educated me in creating structure for my day to day eating and lifestyle routine. She helped me to identify opportunities to improve my nutrition for performance and recovery. Tanita will find solutions backed by evidence from research papers and studies to help you overcome what it is that needs improving.


Tanita has great communication skills and patience. She is very proactive, compassionate about her work and will assist me any way she can to help me achieve my goal.

Tanita has helped me to be the athlete I am today. I greatly recommend her to anyone that is wanting to be better than what they are today.


Strongwoman athlete

Victoria's Strongest Woman 2019

Strength coach: Povey Performance

Tanita has coached me through a number of significant events in my life. She helped me lose over 10 kgs in the lead up to my wedding, by providing me with a personalised program and a constant stream of information around health and fitness. She also helped me get back into shape after having my first baby. Her knowledge of nutrition, health and the body, coupled with her continuous personal development in this field makes her an incredible coach.

I highly recommend Tanita, she is passionate, patient and goes above and beyond to tailor a program that suits each of her individual clients and their goals.


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4 weeks' progress


When I first went to Tanita it was through frustration as I believed I should have the perfect body because I ate reduced calories and exercised for hours a day but saw no improvements in my body composition. What Tanita showed me was that I was starving myself and over-exercising so my body was in a constant state of stress!


While confronting at first, Tanita worked with me to break these bad habits and develop a positive relationship with food so I was able to fuel my body to perform better and complete more effective and efficient workout sessions. Whilst I did notice improvements in my body, it was the mental changes that have made a lifelong impact on me as I no longer have a negative relationship with food and I feel so comfortable in my own skin.

Tanita listened, educated and supported me through some major changes and for that I am forever grateful!


My food coaching with Tanita has been a very beneficial experience. Tanita has assisted me greatly in reaching my nutrition goals. I have been able to reach my goal weight in a very reasonable time frame.


Tanita is very attentive to my needs and is available at any time to answer any of my questions. I have enjoyed working with Tanita very much.


Victorian Under 20 state team and Basketball Australia Pathways athlete 

Strength coach: Povey Performance

When I started food coaching with Tanita in 2019, I learned a lot about myself and food. I learned what I could change to reach my goals, but most importantly I learned about having a good relationship with food, having flexibility, gaining confidence in myself and in my food choices.


I have greatly appreciated the work that Tanita has done for me during my rugby off season in 2019.


Tanita helped me to adjust my nutrition to gain muscle and size, while maintaining my body fat at a stable percentage and accommodating my food preferences.


Rugby Victoria athlete 

Strength coach: Povey Performance

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Week 1

96 kg

Week 16

103 kg



Rugby Victoria athlete

Strength coach:

Povey Performance

I decided to seek Tanita’s help when my bloating became uncomfortable and I felt really gloomy at the start of the year. Prior to this I had visited the doctors and had some tests that came back normal, but my bloated stomach was still there.


So I made an appointment with Tanita to talk about some of the possible underlying issues. First, we did a 'trial and error' of my common foods to see if we could identify any dietary triggers. Secondly, sleeping habits! I wasn't getting enough for my body. Thirdly, stress. That had escalated pretty high, and this meant that my body and mind suffered tremendously.


Tanita helped me to create a plan around my food choices, sleeping patterns and stress levels. Since then, my bloating issues have decreased, and my body feels like it is in reset mode. It's a work in progress. Each day is better then yesterday!

After gaining 18.5 kg during my pregnancy I found it hard to lose weight after my baby was born. Tanita coached me for 12 weeks on my food and training. I could contact her about my progress week to week, and Tanita was quick to get back to me with any updates based on my feedback. She also provided me with recipes and food guidance. She tailored things specifically to me, so it wasn’t a one size fits all approach.

Since being coached by Tanita I have lost 6 kgs, gained heaps of muscle and my body composition has completely changed. She has taught me how to fuel my body before and after training and get the best out of my sessions. The process hasn’t felt like I have been on a diet at all, I’ve eaten well and enjoyed a piece of chocolate every day.


I would absolutely recommend being coached by Tanita. You certainly won’t regret it.